My bucket list

Here it is! Finally, my bucket list!
A list that is continuosly under update according to the things that I would like to do in my life, mostly are things about traveling and sports.
As you can see some are already done!
I have to say that some of these wishes were taken from other lists, but the wish is so cool that definitely I share the idea to make it true.
  1. Take the Transiberian train
  2. Take the Orient Express
  3. Go to Machu Picchu
  4. Go to a NIN concert
  5. Go sky diving
  6. Go scuba diving
  7. Visit the Balkans
  8. Go backpacking in the north of Chile
  9. Visit Torres del Paine and the extreme south of Chile
  10. Visit Tibet
  11. Visit India
  12. Visit Turkey
  13. Go to Japan
  14. Go to Thailand
  15. Go to Israel
  16. Make a backpacking walk next to the train rails
  17. Visit Chiloe, Chile
  18. Make a trail in the Atacama desert alone
  19. Watch the stars in the middle of the desert
  20. listen the silence
  21. Visit an Astronomic Center
  22. Visit Germany
  23. Go to Europe
  24. Visit New York
  25. Visit every big city in Chile (Valdivia is left)
  26. Make the Panamerican Highway
  27. Visit Hamburg
  28. Go to Oktoberfest
  29. Visit Berlin
  30. Visit Ireland
  31. Do a backflip (not a back handspring)
  32. Win a medal
  33. Drink Home made Palinka
  34. Eat the worm from Mezcal
  35. Visit Barcelona
  36. Go to the Olympic Games
  37. Drive a Cadillac
  38. Visit every continent (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa) before 30
  39. Do a bycicle trip
  40. Witness an eclipse
  41. Run a half marathon
  42. Run a marathon
  43. Talk fluently at least 4 lenguages
  44. Go paragliding
  45. Fly in an open cockpit airplane
  46. Go bungee jumping
  47. Drive the whole 66 Route
  48. Go to Norway
  49. Go to Finland
  50. Go to India
  51. Learn Norwegian
  52. go surfing


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