Kindle by Amazon.

At the end of 2011 I figure out that I would not be able to buy any more books. Not because I did not wanted but because I am travelling and moving all the time so it will be difficult and annoying (because it is!) to take care of them all the time. In that moment I decided to give a chance to the E-readers. Here I will describe my relation with this artifacts and how it developed, specially with the Kindle from Amazon. In another post I will mention pros and cons that my Kindle have shown to me and how do I deal with it.

The desition was there, “No more books” (O_O!) at least not out of paper. In the past I was against the E-readers because I didn’t like that every time one was changing the page the screen was making that odd off and on, it was ridiculuos and like cheating your eyes. I decided to give them another chance, just a second try. As usual in me I started reading as much as I could about E-readers, their formats, companies involved, options, etc. Then more information you can handle about it then the better desition one is able to make, in the end I had to replace the precious smell of paper and ink for a bunch of circuits, plastic and metal with the duty to smell like fiction, non fiction, drama, comedy, jokes, plays, and whatever my mood was calling.

It wasn’t easy, I have to say. All the romanticism of paper and ink was vanish. No it would be the same plastic screen representing the ideas of so many authors. (Note for another post: what would Churchill say about sharing the screen with Marx or Schiller? Or Huxley about Darwin and Lock?)

Finally, I decided for a Kindle. Amazon offers an amazing support to their services and the product was looking simple and easy to use. Also the company offers a large variety of books and in different languages. Classics are normaly for free and they even have a system to lend books. And the technology does not make your eyes tired because the brightness is zero. Last but not least, the Kindle offers a battery that sometimes makes you feel that it does not really need a battery, it last for ages.

Now I have it for more than one year and I can say that it has been one of the best desitions ever. Since I have it I even read more. Easy to use, light, you can carry a ton of books without using more space and without carrying more weight. Amazon has a really nice platform for offering the books and one can share notes and higlights from the books. The platform, support and sharing options are for me the differentiation point that made me choose Amazon. I was not wrong, the future is with e-readers, we can leave the fetish for books to our special ones maybe, a first edition or that one that we really like to set on the night desk.



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