The last 5 songs!

These are the  last 5 songs that I have listened lately,  they are in my iPod now and for some reason they are stucked in my mind.

I know that they are pretty different and well that’s the best of it! I didn’t put them in order of preference or something like that.

I love the synth work of this song. It’s sticky. Position 9 on the Billborad has been there for 16 weeks!

I got the best memories of this song in Mannheim, Germany! Was kind of the OST. All the partys, meetings and binges with my friends comes to my mind with this unique master piece!

This is a wonderful and lovely song in German.

It’s a classic!

It’s amazing! I like two things of this song, the first one, is played by Lang Lang a Chinese piano player and is completely amazing! and second, please listen this song and tell me in how many cartoons have you listened this song in your life! Tom & Jerry! Bugs Bunny! Silverter and Tweety and a bunch more! And well I should include a third thing and is of course the fact that is a creation of Liszt.




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