The last 5 movies!

As some of you know I watch a bunch of movies. These are the last 5 movies that I have watched.
I’m not going to spoil you the movie, don’t worry about that!

From Martin Scorsese, gooooooooood. Scorsese’s stamp all along the movie. Awesome!

ACTION ACTION ACTION! ….. AND MORE ACTION! nothing else to say.

This amazing movie, talking about the horrible situation that happened in 1972 in Munich during the Olympic Games, from the director Steven Spielberg. This is a must see!

German movie, good actors, nice photography and an awesome story about the revolution and the RAF in the 70s. The OST of this film is real good. Another piece of history, located in Germany. Very good!

Looks like a common and tipycal love story but is not! The resources that the director was using in this movie are amazing and very well used. The OST of this movie is one of the bests. Is the type of movie that maybe is not your type but you’ll not regret. Watch it!




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